My journey began July 2009. At the time yoga was so new, so intriguing. It was something that I had been searching for and I didn't even realize it. As I walked into my first class, I was nervous, full of emotions and then, I found a comfortable seat. There was an awareness of breath I had never experienced before. There was intention that was never set. I was weak and unfocused but the more I practices the better I became. I became physically strong, emotionally stable, and intentional. There was a need inside me to be able to share it with the world so I received my teaching certification in December 2010. I teach ashtanga primary series and other flow classes. The most popular response I get when I tell people that I teach yoga is: 

"I need to do yoga BUT / I'm not flexible / I can't touch my toes / I wouldn't be good at yoga."

 There are so many misconceptions with yoga. What it is? What it can do for you? How it will change you? There is no one answer to any of those questions. Yoga is many different things to many different people. It has done many amazing things dealing with the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects. It will guide you in the direction that you feel necessary. If  you are interested in yoga, have an open heart, try different styles, find your niche, where you belong.

I will always be a student, forever learning.

Practice and all is coming.
— Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


Asana is a photographic series that merges two of my passions, photography and yoga. The images display self-portraits of my practice on my mat. While each pose brings different challenges, I capture to the quiet moment in a pose where alignment, breath and awareness of my body is reached.